Thursday, April 27, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Use Ermarie

As Spring is quickly approaching, many teachers are looking to plan their professional development schedules for the summer months. With different websites for locating PD opportunities, finding speakers for in-house PD, and managing all of the clock hours associated with professional development all pile up to be a headache! This is where Ermarie steps in to simplify the life of a teacher!

Let’s dive into how using Ermarie can simplify your life!

5) Locating Professional Development Opportunities
Ermarie has a growing catalogue of current professional development opportunities. These opportunities are often run by local teachers and educational organizations. Ermarie makes it easy to sort by paid or free opportunities and has a simple to use search feature. After attending events, organizers can deliver your clock-hour forms/CEUs directly to you for use.

4) Publishing and Managing PD Events
Ermarie offers FREE* management tools required for hosting PD events! If you are running a free professional development event, all of the registration, organization, emailing, and management of your event is completely free. These management tools provide a simple set of features that are useful to any organizer, plus the Ermarie development team is always working to make tools even better for everyone!
*If you are hosting an event with paid registration a simple to understand fee is passed on to your registrants - so there are no upfront or end of event costs to the organizer!

3) Storing Clock Hours
One of the key features of Ermarie is offering a simple solution to the dreaded CEU folders required for relicensure. Ermarie makes the life of any teacher easier by storing clock hours/CEUs in a easy to manage online tool. Clock hours are either received through events managed by Ermarie or uploaded as an image or pdf to your personal and secure management system.Ermarie works great on Chromebooks, MACs, PCs, and Mobile Devices! Long gone are the days of manilla folders filled with creased CEUs and event registration - Ermarie is the answer for today’s teachers looking for a better way to track their PD!

2) Tracking Relicensure Requirements
When uploading CEU’s to Ermarie, users tag each artifact with which state licensing requirements each event met. By tagging each event, Ermarie is able to automatically calculate how many pd hours you have completed in each requirement bucket. This streamlines your work when you apply for relicensure as you no longer need to calculate any hours or chronologically order your forms. Ermarie tracks your requirements with ease.

1) Automatic Organization and Summary
One of the most dreaded tasks when applying for relicensure is organizing your pd folder full of clock hour forms and adding up all of the hours of events you have attended. Ermarie turns this task into a few simple clicks. By organizing your CEUs after each professional development event you attend (or by registering for your events through Ermarie), you are able to easily download a summary page, a professional reflection entry, and copies of all of your pd clock hour forms! All of your pd event hours are listed by state categories and simply organized in a table, ready for the relicensure committee to approve, if your state does not have a template already created you can add your own requirements or apply to be an ambassador and help us create your state template!
Ermarie makes renewing your teaching license as easy as a few simple clicks!

Have you started using Ermarie and have a great success to share? Want to learn more about this tool? Do you have a feature you would like to see Ermarie include? Reach out to us via twitter (@Ermarie_) or on our website (!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

01 - Opportunity Spotlight - EdCampMidMN

Our first Opportunity Spotlight features EdCampMidMN

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EdcampMidMN will bring together the finest educators spanning Greater Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and a province (or two or three) from Canada!

EdcampMidMN 3.0 will be hosted by Little Falls Community Schools on June 14th, 2017 

If you do not know what Edcamp is, it is a straightforward concept...
  • Completely free. Yes, you read that right. There is NO cost to attend.
  • You design the schedule. 
  • We give you the framework, you pick the topics.

Have conversations that matter to you. 
This event is about having rich conversations, not being lectured by experts.
Sessions topics can include yoga, anxiety, tech tools and much more!!!

This conference could not have happened without the collaborative efforts of an amazing group of educators!

Paul Moe - Sartell-St. Stephen Schools (ISD 748)

Amanda Holstrom -Sartell-St. Stephen Schools (ISD 748)

Tom Kuhn -Sartell-St. Stephen Schools (ISD 748)

Follow the learning at #edcampmidmn 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Ugh - paper forms for professional development, one more thing to keep track of!

This week’s blog entry comes from one of our very own Ermarie Ambassadors - Dave Blanchard! Dave is a District Curriculum Coordinator with Cambridge-Isanti Schools, a new dad to a fun and energetic 7-month old, a grad-student at St. Cloud State University (graduating this fall!), and an intern with Ermarie! You might have noticed his voice in some of our new videos and the Ermarie team is appreciative of his keen eye and process-oriented mind!

As educators, we have a wide selection of professional development opportunities that we need to do, should do, could do, or want to do! Some of these opportunities are required and some are optional, whereas others are purely interest driven (my favorite!). The majority of these PD opportunities offer clock hours or continuing education units (CEUs), or certificates of attendance, that need to be organized and kept safe for proof of professional development when renewing for relicensure. Ugh - paper forms for professional development, one more thing to keep track of!

As modern educators we have great tools to track the growth of our students, but not a simple to use tool to track the history of our own professional growth - this is where Ermarie comes into play! Ermarie is a free tool that helps educators locate PD, register for opportunities, and most importantly track their own professional development journey through recording certificates of attendance in their own safe and secure, personal cloud! Best of all, Ermarie was created for teachers by teachers.

Ermarie takes the stress out of of having to get ready for renewing for your license by streamlining the entire process. After attending a professional development opportunities, save the clock hour form to your Ermarie account by uploading a PDF or snapping a picture with your smartphone. Then continue capturing, digitizing, and organizing your clock hour forms, through the easy to use, web-based, Ermarie interface. Clock hour forms can be organized in multiple categories and the total number of hours is auto-calculated. This process can be done as many times as you wish and on any device!

When getting ready for relicensure, simply export your saved documents into a simple, easy to download summary page and organized listing of all of your professional development certificates. Ermaire even allows you to insert an open-ended reflection essay, now required for a teaching license in most states.

With one simple download, all of your professional development documents are ready for submission to your renewal committee. These can be shared via an email as an attachment or can be easily printed.
While locating PD opportunities is a feature of Ermarie, this tool is still rather new. Great PD opportunities that can be used for relicensure include events by your local school district, those hosted with the at a state or regional level, or even an edCamp!

After you start exploring the capabilities of Ermarie you will love having one secure place for all of your professional development documents. Love Ermarie as much as I do? Apply to join the Ermarie Ambassador team and help grow this incredible tool!