Monday, April 3, 2017

Ugh - paper forms for professional development, one more thing to keep track of!

This week’s blog entry comes from one of our very own Ermarie Ambassadors - Dave Blanchard! Dave is a District Curriculum Coordinator with Cambridge-Isanti Schools, a new dad to a fun and energetic 7-month old, a grad-student at St. Cloud State University (graduating this fall!), and an intern with Ermarie! You might have noticed his voice in some of our new videos and the Ermarie team is appreciative of his keen eye and process-oriented mind!

As educators, we have a wide selection of professional development opportunities that we need to do, should do, could do, or want to do! Some of these opportunities are required and some are optional, whereas others are purely interest driven (my favorite!). The majority of these PD opportunities offer clock hours or continuing education units (CEUs), or certificates of attendance, that need to be organized and kept safe for proof of professional development when renewing for relicensure. Ugh - paper forms for professional development, one more thing to keep track of!

As modern educators we have great tools to track the growth of our students, but not a simple to use tool to track the history of our own professional growth - this is where Ermarie comes into play! Ermarie is a free tool that helps educators locate PD, register for opportunities, and most importantly track their own professional development journey through recording certificates of attendance in their own safe and secure, personal cloud! Best of all, Ermarie was created for teachers by teachers.

Ermarie takes the stress out of of having to get ready for renewing for your license by streamlining the entire process. After attending a professional development opportunities, save the clock hour form to your Ermarie account by uploading a PDF or snapping a picture with your smartphone. Then continue capturing, digitizing, and organizing your clock hour forms, through the easy to use, web-based, Ermarie interface. Clock hour forms can be organized in multiple categories and the total number of hours is auto-calculated. This process can be done as many times as you wish and on any device!

When getting ready for relicensure, simply export your saved documents into a simple, easy to download summary page and organized listing of all of your professional development certificates. Ermaire even allows you to insert an open-ended reflection essay, now required for a teaching license in most states.

With one simple download, all of your professional development documents are ready for submission to your renewal committee. These can be shared via an email as an attachment or can be easily printed.
While locating PD opportunities is a feature of Ermarie, this tool is still rather new. Great PD opportunities that can be used for relicensure include events by your local school district, those hosted with the at a state or regional level, or even an edCamp!

After you start exploring the capabilities of Ermarie you will love having one secure place for all of your professional development documents. Love Ermarie as much as I do? Apply to join the Ermarie Ambassador team and help grow this incredible tool!

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