Ermarie is a tool specifically designed for educators to assist in the organization of professional development.

When you attend professional development sessions, you receive certificates of attendance. They are hard to manage in the paper format. Now, you can upload all of your certificates to Ermarie. Keep them  in an organized and secure online storage. Ermarie has specific templates for each state that will allow you to organize your certificates for the license renewal process.

Get started by creating your Ermarie account

1) Introduction to Ermarie

2) How to create a State Template

3) How to add certificates

4) Certificate formats allowed

5) How to view and download certificate

6) How to create Note/Reflection Statement

7) How to download certificate summary

8) How to view all certificates

Two, If you are an educator searching for professional developments and having difficulty finding them, you need Ermarie. Ermarie has an area called "Opportunities," where you will be able to easily search and find the perfect professional development opportunities you need. It is easy to search with the aid of filters such as Location, Category, Price, etc.

1) Introduction to Opportunity Platform

2) How to search for Opportunity using the filter options

3) How to view and register for an opportunity

4) Where to find registered opportunity

5) How to view and download ticket

6) How to cancel a ticket

Three, If you are an educator or institution that facilitates professional development courses and find it is difficult to market your course to a larger audience, you can now create opportunities in Ermarie. After you create your professional development opportunity and publish it, your opportunity will be instantaneously visible to thousands of educators searching for professional development opportunities. It is FREE to create opportunities in Ermarie.

1) Introduction to Opportunity

2) How to create an opportunity

3) How to create a PayPal Account

4) How to create / edit tickets

5) How to create order form questions

6) How to create Add-Ons

7) Preview / Edit / Manage tabs

8) Recommendations and best practices

9) Changing Venue of an opportunity

10) How to Publish an opportunity

11) How to add After Registration Info

12) How to view customer information

13) How to view revenue information

14) How to refund payments